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Hans Bølling

There is no exact formula for creating a piece of furniture that is still popular for more than fifty yearsWhen asked what his favourite aspect of the Tray Table is, Hans responds: It all works together...

"Function and shape become more than just the sum of the parts"

Hans Bølling enjoys working with Brdr. Krüger – they have a long, trusting relationship, and Hans is now collaborating with the family’s next generation. “I remember when Niels Krüger was born,” Hans says. “It’s a wonderful relationship. I almost feel like they’re part of my own family.”

See Bølling Tray Table & Bølling Tray here


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Sverre Uhnger

Sverre believes that theoretical knowledge is nothing without practical experience. With a background as a craftsman, Sverre solves design tasks in the most resourceful way expressed in his use of materials and production techniques.

"I focus on creating pieces that feel natural to the user"

The Lune Lamp is a case study of combining craftsmanship with modern technology. Inspired by perfect lathed wooden balls the design investigates wooden spheres and the relations that occur between them. The warm light and the curves of the cord add life to the sparsely detailed wooden shape.



See Lune Lamp here.

OeO Studio

With a great sense of respect and empathy, OEO Studio challenges themselves to achieve results that feel natural and authentic. OEO Studio seeks to touch and inspire people on an emotional level, to create engaging design. The Ferdinand Lounge Chair was made in collaboration with Brdr. Krüger with this philosophy in mind.

"Great design is shaped by passion and the wish to make a difference"

 The OEO Studio team is managed by Thomas Lykke and Anne-Marie Buemann. 



See Ferdinand Lounge Chair & Pauline Bar Stool & Theodor Dining Chair here

Nanna Ditzel

One of the most prominent and celebrated female Danish designers

Many of Nanna Ditzel’s ideas and prototypes were born at the Brdr. Krüger family woodshop during their long-lasting collaboration. Today the collaboration continues with Nanna’s daughters and in 2011 the Lulu Cradle was re-introduced.


Nanna Ditzel (1923-2005) had a great fondness for craftsmanship and was trained as a cabinetmaker before studying at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen.


She has been awarded numerous international prizes including Gold Medal in the International Furniture Design Competition (1990), Japan. She was chosen as Honourable Royal Designer, Royal Society of Arts, in London in 1996 and awarded the lifelong Artists' Grant by the Danish Ministry of Culture in 1998.



See Lulu Cradle here

O&M Design

The Japanese-Danish studio O&M Design, is founded by Takashi Okamura and Erik Marquardsen.

"Joining in cultural diversity is a constant source of inspiration" 

With the diverse background of the two designers they work to combine the traditions of Danish craftsmanship with Japanese design philosophy and techniques. This collaboration, established in 1973, has resulted in work acclaimed beyond borders. 



O&M Design is behind the Mokuba Rocking Horse and the Orbis Mobile table series.

Rasmus Bækkel Fex

Danish furniture artist and designer Rasmus Bækkel Fex takes a highly conceptual approach to furniture and product design. Fex considers furniture as functional sculptures and systematically seeks to explore and challenge genres, archetypes and boundaries in an intriguing borderland between art and design, that most designers, and artists as well, usually avoid.


The collaboration with Brdr. Krüger on the F chair (2017) is born from an experimental work of art, ‘Relatives’ from 2013, where the designer combined a series of wooden chairs in different ways, from merely sculptural to more recognisable and functional objects. The work was a part of the Danish Mindcraft exhibition in Milan, and after a new winding and awarding design and crafts process in Brdr. Krüger's workshop, the shaker-inspired chair from this work have grown into a rather minimal and highly functional chair with subtle references to its origin.



See F Chair here.

Studio David Thulstrup

David Thulstrup is a Danish designer and architect with a refined yet diverse approach to interiors and architecture, intertwining traditional aesthetics with modern simplicity. At the heart of David’s practice is a belief in finding beauty in all materials and combining them in a way that emphasises comfort and liveability.


 Studio Davis Thulstrup has designed a highly crafted chair and tables for the revamped noma restaurant in Copenhagen.


" The furniture collection that Brdr Krüger has brought to life is a testament to their immense passion for craftsmanship and more than 130-years' experience as leading Danish makers, The Arv collection reflects this legacy in Danish design whilst remaining true to the quality and progressive values of Noma. "

See ARV Chair & ARV Table here