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Table series by Hans Bølling

Driven by an aspiration to create contemporary furniture pieces that celebrate the values of classic Danish design, Brdr. Krüger launches a remarkable trio of tables by Danish architect Hans Bølling.


Originally sketched in 1958, the three TRIIIO Tables have been finalised in close collaboration with Hans Bølling, and put into production for the first time.


The TRIIIO Table is available in three variants: coffee table, side table and dining table with smooth finish and the addition of elegant, tinted glass and accents of brass, to give the table a contemporary and modern feel.



Dining Table: Hight 72cm, Dia 135 cm.
Side Table: Hight 58cm, Dia 80 cm.
Sofa Table: Hight 40cm, Dia 90 cm.

A poetic harmony between the simple and the sculptural; values that are reminiscent of the period when Hans Bølling first sketched the design.
Simple and elegant amendments have transformed an original idea into tables with a timeless quality.

Hans Bølling

The Krüger family has maintained a very close relationship with Bølling for three generations, since the earliest days of his architectural work in the 1950’s. He considers wood a divine material, and the shared passion brought the family and the architect together. 


“It has been an immense joy to experience a sketch and prototype I made when I was 27 years-old in the hands of the skilled craftsmen in Brdr. Krügers workshop; to see them work their magic and witness how simple and elegant amendments have transformed my original sketch into three present-day tables with a timeless quality.”


More about Hans Bølling here

Tinted glass and accents of brass, gives the table a contemporary and modern feel
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