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Classic yet contemporary, with timeless quality

The ARV chair draws on iconic traditional Danish design yet has a fresh spirit of a new generation

ARV Chair

A new collection designed by Studio David Thulstrup for Noma


Head Chef and Founder of noma, René Redzepi, commissioned Studio David Thulstrup to design the new home of noma and a series of furniture pieces for the new space and David Thulstrup collaborated with Brdr. Krüger to create a new collection of furniture designed to complement the spirit of the new noma space.


The ARV chair is classic yet contemporary in aesthetic, with timeless quality. ARV is elegant and light yet its make signature craftsmanship accents it incredibly tactile. The ARV chair draws on iconic traditional Danish design yet has a fresh energy and the spirit of a new generation of design.


The creation of the ARV chair required an in-depth understanding and profound depth of knowledge. With more than 130-years of history specialising in woodwork, Brdr. Krüger’s skilled and experienced team combined traditional craft techniques with modern technology, to realise the vision.

The new noma restaurant in Copenhagen
Achieving the utmost in comfort was crucial to Redzepi, whose wish for guests was to sit in an armchair without having the impression of sitting on a throne

Studio David Thulstrup

Testament to passion for craftsmanship.

“We were delighted to work with a native design brand on this special project for noma. Despite the short timeframe and complex design, Brdr. Krüger put all their strengths and efforts into making the ARV pieces and our vision for the designs possible. The furniture collection that Brdr. Krüger has brought to life is a testament to their immense passion for craftsmanship and more than 130-years’ experience as leading Danish makers. The ARV collection reflects this legacy in Danish design whilst remaining true to the quality and progressive values of noma.”


- David Thulstrup

A collaboration greater than the sum of it's part
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