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By Kay Bojesen

Proudly crafted by Brdr. Krüger for Rosendahl Design Group

With its friendly expression and soft silhouette, the Wooden Monkey captures Kay Bojesen’s playful trademark perfectly, beautifully executed by Brdr. Krüger. A highly complex product consisting of 31 different parts made of two kinds of hardwood, the Wooden Monkey requires a unique sense of detail and a gifted ability to create a beautiful, charismatic object from a log of wood. The Wooden Monkey is made of teak and limba hardwoods that age beautifully to ensure long-lasting value. With rotating legs and arms, the hands and feet are shaped like hooks to allow the monkey to hang and swing like its real-life counterpart.


The Wooden Monkey has proudly been crafted for Rosendahl Design Group at Brdr. Krüger’s own woodshop in Denmark since 1992.

31 pieces are carefully crafted, matched and put to life

Kay Bojesen

The Line Has To Smile.

Kay Bojesen, a Danish silversmith and designer, created the original Wooden Monkey in 1951 and was known for his love of wooden toys. He was able to bring wood to life with soul and humour. The Wooden Monkey is his most celebrated design and is today a classic design object widely appreciated by children and adults alike.

Kay Bojesen strongly believed in products that emotionally connect with people and which are basically a pleasure to touch.


Brdr. Krüger produces the three sizes of the Wooden Monkey available below...
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