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A New Family Member by OEO Studio

With its slim silhouette and distinct personality, the Pauline bar stool is a sophisticated furniture design, reflecting the spirit of the mid-century Danish Modern movement and uniting craft, core values and design. Named after the wife of Ernst Krüger – second generation of Brdr. Krüger – Pauline tells the story of more than 130 years of craftsmanship
shaped by a contemporary sensibility.

Brdr. Krüger became aware of the need in the market for a barstool with a smaller footprint and one that takes up as little space as possible. The Danish design brand worked closely with OEO Studio to create a new offering for 2019 of the celebrated Pauline bar stool first created two years ago. The design language is a continuation of the original piece with both new steel frame and backrest taking centre stage. The new design has an inherently international feel and it is a timeless piece for both domestic or hospitality use, available in three heights that fit with a dining table, a high table or a bar.

The PAULINE Bar Stool is available in three heights: 45 cm (dining chair size), 65 cm and 75 cm (tall table or bar). The bar stool is made in oiled oak or by request in combination with a black steel footrest.

To ensure a light and elegant expression of the bar stool, the noble oak wood is combined with a minimal steel footrest and tactile fabric or leather seat.

OEO Studio

...with her own subtle personality


“The simple construction and look of PAULINE has been accomplished by combining thoughtfulness with craftsmanship. The bar stool features some of the signature details found in our first two designs for Brdr. Krüger, including the characteristic bone detail observed in FERDINAND and the front legs of THEODOR, yet PAULINE maintains her own subtle personality”.



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New steel frame is a continuation of the original piece. Elegant combination of wood and metal.
Named after the wife of Ernst Krüger, 2nd generation of Brdr. Krüger.
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