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Pendant Lamp

A fusion of woodcraft, material and modern technology
The Lune Pendant Lamp refers to the Scandinavian word "lunt" (warm, cosy, glowing), reflecting the basic human need for products that make us feel comfortable and at ease.

The Lune Pendant Lamp represents a fusion of woodturning tradition, natural materials and modern technology. The perfectly rounded shade made out of solid oak is beautifully contrasted by the contemporary LED light source. The result is a modern lamp with a tactile and welcoming feel. 


Lune Lamp is designed by Norwegian Sverre Uhnger, a trained cabinetmaker and furniture designer with a great fondness for woodcraft and woodturning.


Lune Lamp is available in smoky, linseed-oil-treated oak and in soap-treated oak. Produced at Brdr. Krüger’s own workshop in Denmark.

Sverre Uhnger

I focus on creating products that are tactile and honest, so it feels natural to the user.

The Lune Lamp is a case study of combining craftsmanship with modern LED technology. Inspired by perfect lathed wooden balls the design investigates wooden spheres and the relations that occur between them. The warm light and the curves of the cord adds life to the sparsely detailed wooden shape.



More about Sverre Uhnger here

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