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Tray Table

Designed in 1963 by Danish architect Hans Bølling

In 1963 Architect Hans Bølling took on the challenge to design a simple and highly functional table, which was easy to assemble and easy to handle. The result was a tray table that perfectly reflects Brdr. Krüger’s design philosophy: to craft honest and original designs that are built to last.


The Bølling Tray Table owes its wide-reaching success to its emotional and playful qualities. It is flexible and can be used in many ways – as a serving trolley or side table – and rests on a wooden H-frame that can easily be folded without the use of tools.


The two reversible trays, of high-pressure laminate plates, can be turned for colour variation. And there is a wide range of colours and wood to choose from.


The Tray Table is proudly crafted at Brdr. Krüger’s own workshop in Denmark.

Create a nested group of tables with short and wider variants together

Hans Bølling

The first prototype was made on Hans own wood-turning lathe at home in his basement. 

My favorite aspect is the construction. The stand needs the round trays to be able to stay up. It all works together. Function and shape become more than just the sum of the parts.



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Turn the trays for color variation
Classic appearance with a splash of color
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