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First view on the new ARV collection by Studio David Thulstrup for restaurant noma

Subtle Complexty

Studio David Thulstrup has collaborated with noma on the interior design of the new restaurant. 

The collaboration includes original furniture pieces produced by Brdr. Krüger, that is now presented as part of the core collection.

The pieces titled, the ARV collection (Danish for heritage), comprises variations of dining chairs and tables.


No compromises were made in achieving the vision and comfort of the ARV collection.

Studio David Thulstrup

"We were delighted to work with a native design brand on this special project for Noma. The furniture collection that Brdr. Krüger has brought to life is a testament to their immense passion for craftsmanship and more than 130-years’ experience as leading Danish makers. The ARV table and chair reflect this legacy in design whilst remaining true to the values of Noma".
Beneath the chairs’ subtle details, lies a multiplicity of complexity, that pushes the conventional limits of craftsmanship to the edge.

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