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Head chef and founder of noma, René Redzepi, commissioned Studio David Thulstrup to design a new home for noma and series of furniture pieces. David worked with Brdr. Krüger to create a new furniture collection to complement the spirit of the new noma space.


The ARV collection is classic yet contemporary in aesthetic, with a striking yet timeless quality. ARV is elegant and light yet its signature craftsmanship accents make it incredibly tactile. It draws on iconic traditional Danish design yet has a fresh energy and the spirit of a new generation of design.


Beneath the chair’s seemingly simple aesthetic lies a multitude of complex design details that push the conventional limits of craftsmanship. The central design feature is a ‘branch’ formation that seamlessly connects the different parts – like branches growing from a tree trunk. The process to materialise the branching design of the chair is a highly complex one but Brdr. Krüger made no compromises to realise David Thulstrup’s true vision for the ARV collection.


See ARV Chair & ARV Table here


Wallpaper* Handmade

 "High Eccentricity Stool" was presented at the Wallpaper* Handmade exhibition in Milan 2015.


" Making the most of Brdr Krüger’s famous woodturning skills, this stool/pedestal by Studio Libertiny is a modern take on the traditional woodworking technique of off-axis, or eccentric, woodturning". As a result, its dynamic, asymmetrical shape offers an ever-changing profile.


Made from solid Dinesen Douglas pine, the piece’s unexpected form feels tactile and organic. A colour treatment of blue linseed oil accentuates the lighter and darker grains in the wood.


See High Eccentricity Stool here



"Branching Out" was a collaboration between Tableau and Brdr. Krüger, during 3 Days of Design Copenhagen in 2018.



" We worked on a very exciting collaboration with Tableau, is a new flower shop in the heart of Copenhagen, showcasing flora as art. We exhibited selected pieces of furniture, reinterpreted together with Tableau’s creative team, during 3 Days of Design 2018." says Jonas Krüger.



Bespoke sculptural works of Danish wooden furniture coupled with exotic botany; where the expressive work of Tableau intertwines with Brdr. Krüger's design.


The Exhibition pieces includes designs by Studio David Thulstrup, Tomáš Libertíny, Hans Bølling, Sverre Uhnger and OEO Studio.



Hermès, the world known luxury brand, have opened their first flagship store in Copenhagen. Brdr. Krüger did a collaboration with Hermès on a bespoke oval version of the TRIIIO dining table.


The interior architect behind this project is the French house RDAI who is known for their carefully crafted interior. Rooted in the elegant architecture of Paris, RDAI’s heritage of interiors, sited in the world’s most luxurious shopping streets, became design laboratories for the incubation of ideas.


To combine Hermès’ and RDAI´s values Brdr. Krüger was asked to produce a custom-made TRIIO table. The TRIIO table is based on some custom details and alternative materials, which suits the architecture of the Hermès store.


See TRIIIO Table here




Michelin-star restaurant Kadeau nurtures their culinary roots from the small Danish island of Bornholm in the Baltic Sea. OEO Studio worked closely together with head chef Nicolai Nørregaard to translate his gastronomic philosophy into a physical environment and holistic experience – a universe where guests feel they are dining at his home with dear friends.


A warm palette of tactile materials, art, bespoke design and comfortable furniture all lend the space a sense of warmth and intimacy where you forget about time and simply indulge in good company.


The value proposition of Kadeau were met by Thomas Lykke, founder of OEO Studios where he decided to decorate the restaurant with furniture from Brdr. Krüger. Several products from Brdr. Krüger’s product range were chosen to accommodate Nicolai’s wishes and needs. Among these are The Ferdinand Lounge Chair and the Theodor Dining Chair, which is a series of chairs where Brdr. Krüger offers a new turn on tradition.


See Theodor Dining Chair & Ferdinand Lounge Chair